RepairNet! Your own marketplace to repair

RepairNet is the ideal solution to digitize and monitor all types  repair processes.  

Prior to start working with RepairNet you have to choose which services you would like to monitor with the platform.  Is it only body work? Or would you as well like to repair tyres or windscreens repair? 

To guarantee the best quality, RepairNet works with your own suppliers in a closed environment. For each service type you build your trusted network of repairers.  You can assign as many repairers as you want but  only one works as well. That’s it. 

You are ready to receive clear quotes with a clear description, split prices, lead times and workshop availability.  You can now book the appointment and follow the repair progress. 

You don’t want to compare? No problem, assign the job only to your preferred repairer. Not happy with your quotes? No problem ask one more quote.

RepairNet saves you up to 35% of the repair cost

Why using RepairNet to repair

Because, if you don’t use it, it will cost much more. 

Next to digitizing the repair process and reducing costs, the platform also reduces repair times by monitoring closely the lead times of service providers.


Digitize repair processes

Body Repair, Glass Repair, Tyres Repair, Mechanic Repairs, Valeting, SMART repair, Wheel repair

Own private network

Closed network with your own suppliers per service type will guarantee your satisfaction

Compare or not

ReapirNet is your market place where you can compare suppliers and their quotes but you don't have to! You can assign a job directly to only one trusted supplier.

Never lose track

RepairNet follows the status of each job from the creation to a finished job. Visual and easy to read dashboards.

You are in control

Detailed quotes gives you the correct info to decide. The respect of the indicated times is followed . The difference between the promised lead times in the offer and the actual lead times allows the manager to monitor the suppliers

Different repairs need different networks

One marketplace for bodywork, tyres, glass repair, valeting, maintenance … Use your own trusted suppliers and evaluate them.

Using your own marketplace  saves you time, stress, immobilization and repair cost. RepairNet works 24/7 for you.

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