Detect Manage Repair Digital Solution

Your integrated solution to monitor and manage the status of your vehicles and manage and monitor repairs.

Checkly fleet manager dashboard & welcome screen smart phone app
Logo Checkly Car Check App for drivers and inspectors

Your ideal solution to manage and monitor the status of your vehicles and identify responsibilities.

RepairNet digital solution to repair damages on cars

Your private virtual network and market place to propose your repairs to your own trusted partners.


The platform and the App are the results of more than 20 years of experience of doing checks and repairing damages for clients. It's clear that the technology will change our way of working, not our the role of the manager.


The members of the MCN-team are passionate about their work and strive to simplify and enhance the customer experience. Improving is not our work it's our drive.


MCN is continuously looking for efficiency. We are not afraid to change things for the better.