Checkly! The cheapest way to avoid damages

Why doing car checks?

Because, monitoring the state of the cars during their detention is rewarding and saves a lot of stress and Euro’s.
Trustful reports recover more and improves satisfaction. Don’t wait for the final bill at the end of the leasing contract. Digital self-checks with Checkly guarantee the biggest results;
Customised Checks
  •  For Pool or chared vehicles 
  • To  report an accidental  damage
  • To report the shape  and the correctness of the  tyres for the season 
  • For periodic reporting of the status of the vehicle
  • To report a detailed status of the vehicle and an end of contract car check.

Clear vehicle damage history

A visual color report gives an instant view of the progress of the vehicle state. New car checks are built on latest state of the car. Repairs of damages are recorded.

Sliding time scale

To easily visualize and calculate the difference of the status of a vehicle between two dates or two checks.

Instant budget estimate

To give instantly the reconditioning cost and a company rate for the damage


The app as well the dashboard are very intuitive and built on extended experience of doing the job

Personalized access

For the desired stakeholders: Fleet Manager, Driver, HR-employee, Inspector, Calculator

Empower and built trust with self-checks

Drivers are guided during the check, the App is very easy to use.Checks take between 2 and 20 minutes depending on the type check

Improve accountability

Very clear reports and a user-friendly dashboard improves the satisfaction, responsibility and motivation to report

Automated agenda

To create rules to invite automatically drivers or inspector to perform the desired check at a desired time. The agenda keeps track of the invitations and the checks.

Digital car checks to build trust and efficiency

As a fleet manager you can create your own rules for the car checks, the platform then automatically invites  at the desired time the employees or  inspectors to  perform a (self) check of the selected vehicle(s).  New checks are built on previous checks. The trust and efficiency are boosted.

Checkly creates delta reports between two dates or two drivers and compares the status of the car.

Checkly, a must have to manage switches of cars and drivers. Checkly fixes accountability  and gives confidence to the next driver of the vehicle. 

As a fleet manager you can ask your drivers to report which tyres are mounted on the car. Avoid cars with winter tyres in the summer and summer tyres in the winter. 

Ask at each usage of a pool car a quick courtesy check. It’s just frustrating to take a dirty car with an empty tank.

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